6 and 7 of October, 2018
Largest JavaScript event
in Ukraine
Developer Experience in Depth
Valerii Sorokobatko
Software Architect at Plarium
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Amazing JavaScript
Illya Klymov
CEO in JS Ninja
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Will be added soon
Artem Zakharchenko
Organizer of KharkivJS
Kharkiv, Ukraine
When should I start write my unit tests ?
Nick Lototskiy
TeamLead at Namecheap.com
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Modern profiling of Node.js applications
Matvienko Nickolay
Grid Dynamic
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Component Evil: Afterlife
Sergiy Babich
Lead Software Developer @N-iX
Lviv, Ukraine
Will be added soon
Yury Luchaninov
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Will be added soon
Sergiy Frolov
Kyiv, Ukraine

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